Hello To Everyone, Welcome To Our New Vision Of Our Magazine

For the past forty-five years Karamu has thrived under the dedication and care of many devoted volunteers. Hour after tireless hour has shaped this journal over time from an embryonic in-house stapled booklet in 1966 to a national and international professional, award-winning literary magazine in 2010. Over the years many people have been instrumental in ensuring the survival of Karamu, and as a result it has grown and prospered while other great literary magazines have not been as fortunate. People determined to create a space for unique and talented voices to share their writing have been the reason for Karamu’s success. This commitment to writing and writers is as strong as ever as we see ourselves evolve into a new and stronger community of individuals working together to continue to give writers a place to be heard in print, and now online. And so to mark our transition, and our renewed commitment, we felt the need to give ourselves a new name, one that represented more fully the place where we all live and work. After all, time changes us, and if we are careful to listen closely to those changes we see that they make us better in the end.

As the Walrus says, “the time has come,” and so we invite you to join us in our journey as Bluestem, as we “speak of many things.”

Olga Abella

3 comments on “Hello To Everyone, Welcome To Our New Vision Of Our Magazine

  1. Your first magazine is beautiful and is full of some engaging, well-written pieces. What a joy to read, and what an honor to be published in this amazing literary magazine! The cover art is subtle and well chosen. Bluestem makes a powerful first literary statement. I love it. All the best to Bluestem.
    Jimmy J.

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