From Jessica Simorte:

This work is an ongoing examination of how art making can serve as a mode of place making. My interests are primarily based in topophilia, and this bond between people and places powers my studio practice. Through painting I am able to create environments that interest me in a manner that is suggestive but not specific— they are parts of inside spaces, but beyond that they are ambiguous. These places I am painting are satisfying in ways my daily environment are not.

Abstraction is the framework in which I investigate ideas of place dependence in contemporary human experience. I intend for the work to have a transparency regarding its prioritization of formal investigation and process. I strive for the outcome to be indicative of an environment that is intangible and peculiar. The works maintain a belief in abstraction’s ability to function both on a self-referential level and exist as cultural objects that are discursively relevant, socially engaged, and mindful of a viewer’s emotional and intellectual experiences.

Making work with a strong sense of urgency and intuition allows for a sort of call-and-response for unexpected outcomes, resulting in paintings and drawings that feels both highly considered, and largely instinctual. These works are produced with an introverted inclination and modest scale; I have adopted a sincere approach to contemporary abstract painting. By looking at interiors through the filter of materials and physicality, the work ultimately focuses on drawing and painting as a means of navigating physical and intangible places.

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Jessica Simorte completed her MFA with an emphasis in painting at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning in 2014. She is currently living in Texas where she teaches within Sam Houston State University’s WASH program. She has shown regionally, nationally and internationally and has been included in numerous publications including New American Paintings and Maake Magazine. Recently, she has held a solo exhibition in Houston, been in many national exhibitions, had works purchased for an international public collection, and co-curated exhibitions. Her upcoming opportunities include solo exhibitions in Illinois and Kansas. When she is not teaching or painting, she’s probably dreaming of adopting another dog.