Artist’s Statement:

The foundations of my works start from thinking of struggles in my own life. Whether an incident or daily encounters, hardships spread their roots in one’s life and become part of the person. My interests lie in manipulating the form of an object to narrate these psychological states. This play with mundane objects brings an irony that breaks the culturally learnt norm, allowing the experience of day-to-day struggle: seemingly trivial, yet obtrusive. By sharing my own memories through my works, I intend to not only console myself but also the audience by creating an environment that acknowledges that struggle is an idea that exists amongst everyone.



Photo of an art installation: a wooden ladder curved into a crescent-shape.

Circular Ladder, Ash (53” x 53” x 17”), 2018


Photo of an art installation: brass door knocker mounted on blank wall, with rubber doormat placed on the floor beneath it.

Her, Bronze and rubber (62” x 53” x 17”), 2016


Photo of an art installation: Series of connected found object doors that are interactive with the audience to create unique spaces each time.

Bi-Connection, Doors, metal decoration, paint (size varies), 2017


Photo of an art installation: abstracted porcelain waves. Intended to be kinetic whilst the audience moves around the work in order to mimic the subtle movement of the waves.

Hibernation, Porcelain (size varies)


Photo of an art installation: a cast-iron skillet with no bottom mounted on a blank wall.

No Eggs for Breakfast, Cast iron and oak (13” x 9” x 2”), 2018


Photo of an art installation: a wooden chair mounted on a pedestal. Arms and legs of the chair are bent to look anthropomorphized.

Retired Chair, Ash (48”x24”x48”), 2018