I mean, she and I
found it
I mean, what it was
lying beak-up, talons
curled, clutching
invisible branches.
A feathered black shred
like a piece of storm cloud
torn off and flung
at our feet, dumped
right there for
I mean, she and I
to find. I tried to see
the logic of anything,
any reason, any purpose
any balance, any meaning
any answer any
branch to latch onto.
one thing seemed certain:
there’d be partying worms
rejoicing in the soil, smiling
wormy smiles, drinking
dirty liquor, singing
the Witch is Dead…”

Then we walked
I mean, side by side
until her question
tore the air
jagged, rupturing
my remaining feathers.
“Are you happy?”
she asked, as my
heart turned beak-up,
talons curled around
invisible branches.
I cawed an answer. And
I knew tonight; there’d be
big doings in Wormtown.


John Jay Speredakos is a NY-based professional actor and writer with a BA from Muhlenberg College and an MFA from Rutgers University. He has appeared on and off-Broadway, in films, TV, commercials and radio dramas, and is a devoted daddy to his daughter, Calliope. His poetry appears, or is forthcoming, in Typishly, Cathexis Northwest Press, Chaleur Magazine, River Heron Review, Gravitas, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Alternating Current, Portrait of New England and Duck Lake Journal. More info can be found on IMDb at: imdb.me/johnsperedakos