Editor’s Farewell

Dear Friends of Bluestem,

It’s time for me to say farewell and so long. I’ve accepted a job in the UK at University of Gloucestershire. I’ve enjoyed my time at Bluestem. I’ve loved reading through the submissions, publishing so many great short stories, essays, poems and art, and working with students and colleagues. The September 2015 online issue is underway, and it’s full of fantastic new writing and art. With the upcoming transition, it may not get posted until October… please be patient. It will be worth the wait, I promise!

If you have any questions during this time of transition, please contact Charlotte Pence.

All best,

Lania Knight

2 comments on “Editor’s Farewell

  1. Just got my bluestem, Spring 2017– with my short story, The Gift — found I’m in good company! Like your prose and the poetry selections.
    Very surprised, however, by a design, layout, formatting, copy-editing problem running through the prose pieces, especially my story–not sure where the errors originated, but the result reminded me of years ago, hand-pasting up the masters for our high school lit mag to be run on an antique multigraph machine. We were working with rubber cement and rulers, trying to piece together bits of typed text and sometimes ran into the problems I see in this issue — extra spaces between paragraphs that should not be separated this way, odd failures to indent many paragraphs, especially those that begin with quotation marks. Also, some duplication of small chunks of text — makes reading the story an adventure in figuring out what’s going on — Mystifying. Off-putting. Can’t help wondering if you noticed these problems anywhere in your process, or have any explanation for them.
    I was so very delighted and grateful when Bluestem accepted my story for publication — now I feel hesitant to submit to you again, to risk subjecting another piece of mine to this strange mangling. No redress I can imagine, but I would love to hear what you think happened.
    Sending best wishes for future issues and for finding a better “Copy Editor” or proofreader or whoever should have caught these glitches.

  2. I recall that after you accepted my story, I asked to send you a different, longer version, and was pleased that you were willing to go with that revision. It should have come to you as a PDF attachment, or Word Doc to replace the earlier version in its entirety– but I wonder if someone felt they had to keep the earlier version and somehow splice in the changes? Hard to imagine what could have made the replacement so difficult and rife with errors…Sorry to share my disappointment in this posting -but can’t find contact info on your web page. Maybe you can pull this rather than posting it!

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