Artist’s Statement

My drawings are intricate and simple at the same time-like life I guess. For example, a tree is a simple thing-bark, wood, leaves… simple. But, the texture of the bark, the veins and colors of the leaves, the curves of the branches, the smell of the earth, the strength of the roots, the science of it all, while stuck in the ground of a small planet and hurtling around the sun while constantly being bombarded by invisible radio signals from a planet outside our solar system where beings with four eyes (two in the front, one in the rear and one on top that looks inside) want to better understand Lucille Ball… well… that’s all pretty complex.

My original drawings range from 15″x22″ to 4’x5′ and are generally done in India ink applied with brush, feather and dip pen. The reproductions here are very, very, small. You can’t see much of the detail. You can’t read the textures and make discoveries in the minutia. I teach art at Columbia College. I’m currently looking out my window now and can see one of my students walking toward the building. He is wearing a hat that makes him look like he is from a small town in the Alps and might start yodeling at any moment, but I know he is Southern Baptist. He primarily studies art by drawing, painting, and looking in books or the Internet at little bitty reproductions of works by famous artists. Once a year he treks to a big museum and sees “the real thing” and realizes… there is more… there are brush strokes, there are subtleties in the pallet. I appreciate the opportunity to share these with you and hope you can see my original drawings sometime.

Center of the Universe

Four Horsemen


Life Artifact



When Lives Collide