Go easily, softly—with
3rd wave coffee and all,
with artisanal cheeses.

You get better at it.
You go slowly. If you focus on texture,
mouth feel,
you may get further than, say,
someone not focusing on mouth feel.

If you focus on smell instead,
we can undergo hypnotic regression.

And that, of course, is at least
ONE of the desirable things.

The other desirable things
(sweatshirts depicting ancient Incan runes,
hand made paper, artisanal paper,
artisanal shoes.
artisanal, yes, cheeses) focus
on mouth feel.

Focus on the smell,
or the specific ride of the jeans
over the ass,

but not on the body beneath.
Focus on the eyelets, yes, of your vintage
consumer goods, the hot dense
coffee on your lips,

the smell of burnt electronics
that follows you

back to your hardwood apartment.
Go slowly, speak softly—
don’t forget

to run your hands over the sexy curves
of your espresso machine, your
non-laminate countertops, your eco-friendly toilet roll
when you get home.