Lauren says comfortable socks are more than worth their weight in gold.

Lauren believes that John, Timmy, Tom, Jimmy, Eric, Aaron, don’t really love her because love is being there for her, not saying you will be there.

She takes a puff from her mushroom-shaped psychedelic pipe and blows the residual smoke into the boring air. All air is boring to Lauren and is not blue but no color. Lauren says color is overrated anyways. If color could represent feelings the world would be black, white and mostly red all over. She knows that the answer is newspaper and blue should be reserved for her and some of her friends that really, and she means really understand life. But life, Lauren agrees, is unknowable and if you know something then it can’t exist. Lauren refuses to conceive of God because if she can conceive perfection then a perfect being couldn’t exist. When she talks of God, she uses the word in a non-Christian way. Lauren says God is unknowable and may or may not exist. She empties her pipe into a cardboard box that she uses as a trashcan. She fills her pipe with weed. Lauren says the smell of weed is better than the taste. She believes smell is the strongest receptor of feeling and can be trusted more than sight. Lauren says beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she is the only beholder with superior qualities.

Lauren uses the words superior and prime when she means business. She doesn’t think it is right for other people to steal her words and use them in any context. They should be reserved, like the color blue. Lauren doesn’t know she is beautiful. She believes beauty is how you feel about yourself and she usually feels pretty shitty. Lauren loves to use drugs. She thinks people that tell her she is ruining her talent and heading down a bad road should mind their own business. Lauren only thinks people who love her have the right to care about her and only her brother and dad and mom, sometimes, love her. Lauren tells me to keep my opinions to myself and quit being so judgmental.

Lauren takes a hit from her freshly packed pipe. She blows the smoke in my face. Lauren is quiet and laughs at random things that no one knows she is laughing at. Sometimes, when driving with her, she laughs, and when you ask her what about, she won’t tell. She keeps her thoughts secret. Lauren has trouble putting her deepest thought into words. They are prime and superior thoughts and are reserved for prime people who use their nose, love her and are blue.