June 2011

Ten Photographs

I became interested in photographs as a child. In a dresser drawer my father kept cigar boxes full of family snapshots and negatives from generations of Flinchpaughs and Fitzgeralds. I was drawn to the pictures. The subjects offered themselves to the camera and to me, standing at attention in newly pressed suits, firemen’s uniforms, army fatigues, wedding dresses, and Halloween costumes. The pictures kept the past alive, somehow capturing the spirit of the dead. The impulse to preserve the spiritual in the physical stayed with me when I began to photograph. Making pictures is a kind of ritual, an act of relic-making. I am drawn to subjects that embody the passage of time. In content and style, my portraits hearken back to those flat-footed snapshots of Uncle Tom Fitzgerald standing next to his horse-drawn cart. I try to let subjects speak for themselves.

The photographs you see here are selections from various bodies of work made over the last 20 years. While they differ in form and content, I hope they speak to the same urge to capture the ephemeral.

Gardener, Bitterroot Valley
Carpenter's Helper, Boone County
Nemaha County Schoolhouse
Remains of the Kong's Homestead
Seneca Main Street
Autumn Pool in Clear Creek
Pond in Autumn
Jesus in the Trees
Our Lady of Sorrow
Dad in Yokahama 2

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