One Thing by Karyn Stanley

Sometimes the spit hitting the wind
Blowing back into hair, eyes, and a cheek
Is all that can be asked for on a Tuesday
As the sky leaks weighted half promises
Onto thirsted earth.

Snow Globe by Catherine ElcikĀ 

When she notices how he sparkles like
snow in a globe while she grows dull as
the copper ballerina he litters upon, she
starts a blizzard of a fight, and, under the
cover of fluttering insults, smashes the dome
that held her, jumps off their platform,
and twirls away.


Untitled by Jane HertensteinĀ 
Hey it’s me over here, here. The one with the
smeared glasses and dowdy hair. I admire your
book, I admire your life, I admire your $10
veggie wrap. I’d like to tell you about my
poem/flash/memoir/libretto, but the crowd
moves with you while I sink beneath the
weight of my AWP tote filled with buttons,
post cards, and smashed chocolates. So with a
Palm Springs Writing Program pen and a
NEO MFA notebook, I write: I AM YOUR

Doors by Jennifer Burd

Winter geese flying
between two ponds:
the sound of unoiled hinges–
doors opening in the sky.