1.) The reason for the bags under your eyes:

A.) You were up late into the early morning reading a book about raising children

B.) All night, you kept thinking there was someone unwelcome in your house

C.) There was someone unwelcome in your house

D.) Your body, in its most natural state, looks tired

2.) You tell your wife what you want:

A.) Always

B.) Never

C.) Sometimes

D.) Too often

3.) When you first met, you first noticed her:

A.) Hair

B.) Legs

C.) Ability to make your insides scream

D.) Ability to make your insides turn quiet

4.) You proposed to her:

A.) In her mother’s driveway

B.) In a used bookshop

C.) Four times before she said yes

D.) Too early, or else too late

5.) When you look at your daughter asleep in her crib, you see:

A.) Her mother’s eyes

B.) Her mother’s nose

C.) Your father’s ears

D.) Too much

6.) When you think of leaving, you become:

A.) Embarrassed

B.) Excited

C.) Unsure

D.) Sad

7.) You consider counseling:

A.) Each time you think of your daughter (i.e. many times a day, e.g. now)

B.) At her insistence

C.) At your mother’s insistence

D.) At your own insistence

8.) You refuse counseling because:

A.) You can fix this yourself

B.) You are so sure you can fix this yourself

C.) You are both more sure than ever that you can fix this yourself

D.) There are no solutions

9.) Each day, you:

A.) Think about where you went wrong

B.) Evaluate the pros and cons of naming your dog after her father

C.) Wonder which one of you is the hero, which one the victim, which one the martyr

D.) Nick your chin while shaving

10.) To you, words are:

A.) Everything

B.) Nothing

C.) Elegies

D.) All of the above