you gonna need more than that stick

a couple nights ago he was in rare form
he caught this little white boy trying
to pull the copper out his wire why

that old man took out his gun and said

that little white boy moved so fast
rice couldnt catch him

that little white boy said shit
that niggers crazy and took off

he took to running heading out like
buckwheat or farina seen a ghost and said

forget you to them tools the police found them
when they come they would have took that old
man in but this a stand your ground state

so they couldnt say a thing they asked him
if he could identify him and he said he
was a little white boy they all look the same

he had gloves on so
they couldnt get no prints so the old man got
new tools that he set out in case that boy

decides to come get them when you go
in keep that stick close by right

in your fist then you can
protect yourself you kind of high yellow
not natural brown

in the light he might suppose you come
for more and though old
his aim is good the second time around