I held a nightlight
to my bones.

Run run said the moon
or build yourself
a rowboat with a roof.

I am like a sailor
terrified of fish

if I see a skeleton
I might begin

to vomit up
the mystery
and then what?

I am nothing
like a sailor.

Ghost Water

The operation was rotless.
The nurse wore cleavage in uniform.
When she took your temperature she squirted butter.
She kissed your pores, blessed your milklessness.
She filled you with honey.
She washed your feet with her forehead.
You could have gotten blown.
The baby was the size of a dime.

Pink Keds

Girls are building a tower
of love shoes
on your neighbor’s doorstep
Pink Keds
uncasual flats
deer moccasins
Tone ‘n Go’s
silver d’Orsays
fisherman clogs
demi boots
sensible sandals

consider the options
what are the options?

He makes them feel fatal.
He makes them feel like comets.

for indentations in your bed
has there been a circus?
Find crumbs,
discover tenants.

Laissez Fanfic

Diaries are for heaven. You know zilch
about growing things. Let your hero grow
himself. Let him eat chard. He will find
his own verbs & seek you in the rain.
He will say: Let me extricate you, baby,
from your cronies.
You have no cronies.
Keep mum. This is a hero who knows fungus
from lavender. Let him do the saving.
You don’t need a seascape, you don’t
even need a setting. Be a bowl
of tangerines. Be no thing. At the end
nobody gets pulped with a hairpin.