March 2015

Anyone Interested in Mystery

Jeff Hardin

I figure
just get rid of every other thought at least.

Or sit bone-still on an April morning
in the middle of a crowd,

staring straight ahead
at an all-out purple house,
which has to be proof of something.

Anyone interested in mystery
has to be OK in the gallery
if some paintings are titled

Who gives a name anyway
to the next thought, the next…


plus whatever word following
most soothes.

Laughter Coming Through an Open Window,
which isn’t a title,

just an actual event
—chosen by no one—

which just brimmingly appeared
with someone


One comment on “Anyone Interested in Mystery

  1. Marvelous poem that explores the focused state of wonder from which my favorite poetry emerges, and the role of serendipity. The poem sounds great, but that deft maneuvering through mind, that flirtation with the void, that’s an elegant dance, finely honed in the poem. Wonderful. Still smiling at the thought of an “all-out purple house.”

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