Jasmine Reimer

Listen when I die I only regret
The diets and the one-up- man-ship¹
I would have loved to fix your hair flipping it to
the cool side just like you
When you’re self-conscious and talking too much
This would have made me feel needed
and intimate and attracted to you
Oh…I also regret the obsession with women who
I wanted for my mother
You know who
We could’ve been pure citrus terrific—a bowl of tangerines
Cupping our small companion breasts
Gone naked with your dog like in the seventies
Funny thing is: The truth of the matter is:
What I’m getting at is:
Sometimes my obsessions turn in on themselves watching me watch them
You never looked that far away


¹Melissa Broder, Meat Heart, Publishing Genius Press, March 13th 2012