Daryl Sznyter

Marie Laveau has nothing on me.
I make art with strands
of our hair on shower walls.
You’ll love me forever
whether you want to
or not. We don’t need
any 30 dollar potions.
Make an altar
for your crystals
and expose them
during the supermoon.
I can align your chakras
with the warmth
of my hands,
cleanse you with
rose oil on my breath.
If you ever leave
I will stick you
with pins
but I love you
I love you
so I have no choice
but to teach you
to protect yourself
from me.
I can’t be burned
in the erotic ways
of myth.
You alone can
undo what is already done.
You alone will be privy
to my charm.
One day there will be
a museum in our names.
Statues of us will wear diadems.
Tourists will speculate
if our eyes are made of emeralds.
Children will swear that we
follow them at all times.