Submission Guidelines

  1. Bluestem, formerly known as Karamu, produces quarterly online editions and an annual spring print issue. Please submit no more than 5 poems at one time, or one short story, or one creative nonfiction essay. Fiction / prose / essays should be no longer than 5,000 words. Query for writing longer than 5,000 words. Please include a brief (no more than 100 words) bio with your submission. All work is considered for both print and online publication.
  2. All genres are welcome. We only accept submissions via our online submission manager which can be accessed at
  3. No previously published work is accepted. Simultaneous submissions are fine. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw your work via the submission manager.
  4. Submissions are currently open August 15 2017 through March 15 2018.
  5. Expect a response in 6-8 weeks. The wait might be longer if we are seriously considering your work.
  6. Print contributors receive a complimentary copy of the issue containing their work, and may purchase extra copies at a discounted price. There is no compensation for online contributors but we will promote your work enthusiastically and widely.
  7. Sample back issues of Bluestem (KARAMU) are available for $5.00 for each issue you would like. The current issue is $10.00. Click here for subscription information.

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