Bailey Cohen

bored, emphasis on
bored b/c I had someone I
“loved” (ugh) but they were inaccessible
so I was bored and swiping
left on almost everyone I saw
except ppl named veronica b/c
I have never seen someone
named veronica on this fucking app
that doesn’t turn me on at least a little bit
however, out of all of the veronicas
I had matched with only a few
maybe one or two but
definitely not enough to think
wow I might like these persons named
veronica veronica sends me nudes
I don’t reply b/c idk her??? and like???
she sends me a message on snap
which I gave to her so that’s my fault
anyway asking why I didn’t reply
& I’m like uhh so I send her a photo
of my hand giving her a thumbs up
somehow this insults her more
calls me a faggot and blocks me
& I’m like well this Saturday night
could have gone worse so I turn
off girls on my tinder settings & only go
to guys but this is short lived b/c
my roommate shows up like
five (5) swipes in & I am alarmed!
so I delete the app for the thousandth
time & take a cute selfie send it to five
(5) different ppl but only two (2) respond
n I’m like that’s fine really might as well die

Where the Fireflies Went 

All throughout last summer, I cooked
with onions. This summer, I cried just as much
as any other summer, but differently. Winter
is my favorite season. Where the fireflies went—

that is where I wanted to take you. In colder parts
of the world, the sun sets for only three,
maybe four hours, and I can live with you only in
morning. In summer, the dirt is soft, like your hands,

and in winter, the spade hits what is not stone,
but feels and looks like stone. I would like to
plant flowers again. My parents, and my parents’
parents all believed in God. I would like to

count petals again. I miss my grandmother very much.
I would like to stop counting days again. I had just
become old enough for my grandmother to
tell me she missed my grandfather when it was

time for me to start missing her as well.
This is where the fireflies went—
from one definition of heaven, to another, etc.
I stay in each heaven for only a moment,

and in one, I saw you, your palms warm
like dirt under grass, and in another, drowning
outside, as the blizzard howled,
snowflakes stuck to your hair.