In the September online issue of Bluestem, Damyanti Biswas’s “Bear With Me”, is a haunting, provocative tale about a woman’s struggle with her past miscarriage.  It’s a modern day Yellow Wallpaper, where we see the main character left alone with her thoughts and her television set. But she is not always alone.  Occasionally she is visited by a large, friendly bear. And sometimes, they cuddle.  Biswas writes, “I wake up again, and this time, the bear cuddles me, the fur soft against my skin, paws toasty like heat pack on my tummy”.  Read it for yourself in our September 2015 online issue along with work by Debra Brenegan, Absolom J. Hagg, and creative nonfiction by
K. L. Cook, 
Elisabeth Hanscombe, and 
Umeeta Sadarangani.

Poet John A. Nieves offers a new perspective on nature and fate in “Irregular Cells”:
“I believe that the veins / in leaves know the future, / that they always point / to arrivals and departures.” While Katharyn Howd Machan writes, “Music had begun to slide away / from pulse and fingers, hands on keys / a helpless shake and slip and skip / as his hair grayed within the mirror / only his wife kept clean.” Read the poems along with others by Katharyn Howd Machan, Robert Miltner, John A. Nieves, Jessica Purdy, Kristina Pfleegor, and Jordan Zandi—who has two poems from his forthcoming collection that you don’t want to miss.

Plus, enjoy the visual creations by Brian Edmonds.