The editors of Bluestem are proud to announce the debut of our online quarterly which will be published  in December, March, June, and September, each year. We also publish an annual print magazine. Our next issue will be released in the Spring of 2011. While the name is new, the magazine is not. Formerly known as Karamu, Bluestem has been publishing continuously since 1966. We warmly invite you to purchase recent issues, as well as browse the Tables of Content for the past ten years. As we move forward by introducing online offerings to the fine work we have always published, we are looking forward to working with new writers and reaching new readers.

We are blown away by the talent of the writers in this first online issue of Bluestem. You will find fiction from Liana Jahan Imam, Tracy Gonzalez, Sara Lippman, Sarah Rose Etter, Brian Oliu, Brian Allen Carr, Sheldon Lee Compton, Katie Jean Shinkle, Scott McClanahan, BJ Hollars, Sean Doyle, Elaine Castillo, J. Bradley, Lauren Wheeler, Ethel Rohan, Robb Todd, Amber Noelle Sparks, Tracy Bowling, Mike Meginnis, Matthew Salesses, Frank Hinton, Chelsea Laine Wells, and last but not least, Brad Green. In poetry, you will find work from M. Bartley Seigel, Gregory Sherl, Kejt Walsh, Tamara Madison. J.M. Ricks, Elizabeth Hildreth, Margaret Walther, Janet Butler, Kenneth Gurney, and David Kowalczyk. We also have two fine essays from Alana Noel Voth and Carrie Murphy and artwork by Mike Sleadd.

We really want to thank Gene Morgan and Jenny Schlief of Supreme Value who designed this beautiful site for us. They are fantastic designers and you should get in touch with them for all your web design needs. We’re still tinkering with a few things so pardon our dust, but go, read, enjoy, and feel free to send us a note, letting us know what you think. Thank you for being a part of this exciting new project with us.