Garrett Goben

I believe in profound moments that happen in everyday places. Exploring public space, I look to activate the locations that go unnoticed. Using equipment constructed in the studio, homemade sports and games are invented and played around the characteristics of each place. Participation in this activity is both frivolous and immature, but allows players to step outside of their daily routines and to understand their surroundings on a more intimate level.

Paying homage to both place and play, my work remains as a record of these experiences. Each individual piece exists as an artifact, collectively representing the curious history of a playful subculture.


Ballf Card and Ballf Balls
19 x 28 x 6” acrylic on luan and pine, foam-rubber balls, recorded gameplay


Ballf Scorekeeping Sweater
27 x 33 x 9”
flannel, thread, cardboard, mesh, flashlight, markers


Garage Balls
26 x 26 x 26” each
acrylic on exercise ball


GarageBall Cones
2 x 7 x 2” each
acrylic and crayon on cardboard


31.5 x 22.5”
digital print

Hit Flags
varied sizes
acrylic and crayon on mixed fabrics
2016 & 2017


Hometown Ballf
31 x 22.5”
digital print


Street Flag #1
24.5 x 17.25”
digital print


Street Flag #2
23.5 x 16.5”
digital print


The Arena
25 x 49”
digital photo-collage


The Drainball Court
31.5 x 22.75”
digital print